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I bought this cookie just so I could take this picture. #BigGameToday #ATeamWillWin

I bought this cookie just so I could take this picture. #BigGameToday #ATeamWillWin


I know what all of you Sporties have been thinking this week. Who the heck will win the Peyton vs Brady showdown this Sunday? My personal experience has been such that the question has popped into my mind in passing for like a few seconds every 3 days or so. We’re going to witness a big deal this weekend!

Now, it’s easy to just pick a team or a quarterback that you side with and root for them unconditionally (Okay - I pick Peyton!). But before you do what I did between those parenthesis, here are a few things to think about before you choose sides:

1. One person lives in Boston. Another person lives in Denver. Can you imagine what that’s like? Place yourself in Boston. Maybe you go to Harvard? Maybe you have an accent? Maybe you live in that place that Ben Affleck always writes about? Now place yourself in Denver. Maybe you’re on a ski lift? Maybe you’re drinking hot cocoa in a log cabin? Maybe you’re talking to a guy who is recounting his first experience buying pot at a store? It’s nice to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

2. Peyton has a brother. Does Brady have a brother? Good question, I tell myself. If he does, he hasn’t been cheering him on at the games. It’s possible he has a bad relationship with him and they haven’t spoken for over two Christmases because of that really rude thing Brady did to him on Christmas day that Brady refuses to apologize for. It’s also possible that he doesn’t have a brother.

3. Where will they take their wives on Valentine’s Day? It’s their first holiday post football season and that is a big deal. The last holiday they spent together as a family without the guys having to play football was probably the 4th of July - and even then they were probably in and out of football practice all day! This is a day where they can just relax and not think about football. Perhaps a champagne toast is in order? Wherever they end up taking their wives - a champagne toast is a good idea.

And now that you’ve thought about it all, it is time for you to make your pick! Who will win this really important game that will lead to another game that is more important? It’s a personal decision that no one should try to persuade you on. Again - I pick Peyton!

Get some tips for your brackets - it’s March Madness!

Basketball helps an arthritic sea otter!

I could watch this sea otter play basketball all day! Way to go sports for helping animals! (special thanks to @FarynEinhorn for forwarding me the link)

Sports fans. @msjencurran

Sports fans. @msjencurran

Getting pumped for the Super Bowl.

Getting pumped for the Super Bowl.

How to Host a Super Bowl Party

Hey sporty party-goers! Super Bowl is this Sunday and it’s a time to celebrate the end of the season! Here are some tips to make this year’s blow-out bash “the Super Bowl to remember”.

  • Get cable/make sure your tv plays the game. Duh, right? But sometimes not so duh…am I right? Unfortunately, the game will not just appear if you turn your tv on. Also, you MUST play the game if you invite people over for this purpose - updates on an iphone app will not do the trick on that day. I just signed up for cable for this year’s game! (Also for Homeland, Nashville, Downton Abbey and all of HGTV’s programming)
  • Invite a variety of people. Some people will want to watch the game. Others will want to watch the commercials. All are important. While the people who want to watch the game watch, the people interested in commercials will cook. Then, when the commercials come on - swap places.
  • Play the Beyonce/Destiny’s Child Pandora station. You’re gonna wanna get amped up for the half-time show. Even if it just serves as background music, your guests are sure to sway their hips and feel the beats from time to time. THIS IS A MUST.
  • Dress up your dog. This will show everyone you mean serious business when it comes to the Super Bowl. Any sports team paraphernalia will do. My dog will be sporting his Mets t-shirt.
  • Provide beer and hot wings. We all know this is the real reason people watch the Super Bowl.
  • Place a bet. Doesn’t matter on what team - just do it. This will help you stay invested in the game.

Hope these tips I’ve acquired in my years of following sports help! Have a fantastic celebration.

Puppy Bowl Update!

Amazing line-up this year! Be sure to check out Cooper the Dachshund-Pitbull mix. “He loves to shred paper.”

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